HR Workforce Summit
Date: March 2nd
CEU: 6 hours
Join us for the LTC Workforce Summit on March 2nd where we’ll tackle your staffing challenges head on!

National workforce expert Cara Silletto, MBA, will share insights about the shifting demographics of the workforce, employees’ evolving expectations, and strategies for improving staffing stability and reducing unnecessary employee turnover. She’ll also dive into the mindset of your Millennial workers, those under 35, to explain exactly why they think and work so differently than previous generations.

By the time you leave this workshop, you’ll discover the true cost of employee turnover, know how to assess your brand as an employer and walk away with an action plan for improving your workforce woes.

Tangible Takeaway! In addition to the activity worksheets and handouts provided for the program, all attendees will receive a small pocket guide on “The Millennial Mindset.”

Up to 100 guides are provided in the program fee. If more than 100 are requested, the cost is $2.00 per book.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the current and shifting workforce demographics
2. Discuss the evolution of employee expectations over the past decade
3. Learn how generational differences impact the workforce and why today’s youngest generation of workers thinks and acts differently than previous generations
4. Discover strategies for reducing unnecessary employee turnover and increasing staffing stability

Cara Silletto, MBA, started her career in long-term care and is now the president of Crescendo Strategies, a firm committed to reducing unnecessary employee turnover for clients across the country. Cara is the voice of the new workforce and currently sits in a unique sweet spot for her specialty of bridging generational gaps. She is an early Millennial herself, born in 1981, yet she is equipped with a Master’s in Business and 13 years of experience learning the unwritten expectations of older managers and business owners on her own. She was recently named a “Game Changer” by Workforce magazine in Chicago, and is the co-author of “What’s Next in HR.”