Meet ACHCA D3 Speaker Shelonda Darling!

Dear Fellow Administrators, Students and Supporters of ACHCA,

We are quickly approaching the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) District 3 Summer Summit! The event will be held at the Belterra Casino & Resort from July 12-14, 2023, which is 8 weeks away!

Meet Shelonda!

We are pleased to welcome Shelonda Darling from Magnet Culture as one of our speakers at the D3 Summer Summit!

Workforce Retention Strategist Shelonda Darling from Magnet Culture helps organizational leaders identify what’s happening with the current employment landscape to shift manager mindsets so they can better lead and retain today’s new workforce. Her real-world, engaging approach and tactics make managers more effective in their roles. Shelonda has discovered the power in storytelling that gives employees a sense of belonging and pride in their company through her variety of corporate roles in Training and Development, Employee Engagement, HR Communications, and Corporate Communications. And a self-proclaimed Xillennial born in 1980 on the cusp of Gen X and Millennials, she sits in the sweet spot for bridging the generational gaps because she can speak to both the expectations of traditional managers and the evolved expectations of today’s younger workers.

Shelonda will be speaking on “Creating a Realistic Retention Roadmap for Sustainable Success” as well as “New Strategies for New Hires: Improving Recruiting, Onboarding, & Training.” In her first session, Magnet Culture will provide an audit of the current effectiveness and attractiveness of your organization as an employer, and then support your creation of a realistic retention roadmap identifying which areas of the business can function as they are, which need a simple tune-up, and which must go into the shop for an extensive overhaul. Then, in the second session she explores the New Hire Experience and ways to make your organization more attractive and make new hires want to stay longer. Included with the session is a 4-week action guide to help keep folks accountable with goals after the workshop is complete. Participants will discover ways to improve their employer brand to increase the number of qualified applicants, learn best practices for welcoming new hires and ensuring they have a great experience, and take away tips for improving their onboarding and training.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information on each speaker and more details on each session that will be provided at the ACHCA District 3 Summer Summit!

Visit our website and blog regularly for more information. To register for the ACHCA District 3 Summer Summit, please visit our EventBrite page to purchase your tickets. We look forward to seeing you at the Belterra Casino & Resort in July!