Meet ACHCA D3 Speaker Olivia Winston!

Meet Olivia!

We are pleased to welcome Olivia Winston from the Indy Healthcare Training Center as one of the speakers at the D3 Summer Summit!

Olivia Winston is a Licensed Health Facility Administrator in the State of Indiana and the Founder of Indy’s Health Care Training Center. Olivia shares a passion for long-term care and the geriatric population. Currently focusing on retention and strategic initiatives to support the current staffing crisis in Healthcare, Olivia is on a mission to end nurse aide staffing shortages across the world.

Olivia will be speaking on “Everything CNAs: Sourcing, Training, and Retaining.” You won’t want to miss this discussion as it is a vital issue in healthcare today.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information on each speaker and more details on each session that will be provided at the ACHCA District 3 Summer Summit!

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